Mute Collaborates with Dirty Electronics on New Hand-Held Synth

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Longstanding UK label Mute has joined forces with Dirty Electronics to create a hand-held synthesizer that will be released alongside a compilation of music featuring tracks from a number of artists associated with each camp. The forthcoming Mute Synth II is actually the second such collaboration between Mute and Dirty Electronics, as the two originally linked up to create the first Mute Synth as part of s special Mute event in 2011.

The newly introduced Mute Synth II is said to "focus on usability... through a pick-up-and-play approach" which allows for "complex and infinite rhythms and sounds to be created." Furthermore, the battery-powered unit's features include a designer circuit board, noise generator, feedback control, oscillator, wave-shaping, buffered output, on-board sequence, touch and pot control, and even a "mini patchbay" of sorts.

The introductory video below shows the Mute Synth II in action, while the unit's full specs—and more info on the compilation package—can be found here. The Mute Synth II is expected to see its release on November 14 and is currently available to pre-order for £89.99 (around $150).