Native Instruments Announces Details of Updated Maschine

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On October 1, Native Instruments will release updated versions of both its Maschine and Maschine Mikro drum machine/controller/production hub with a few new features and a host of cosmetic changes. After some blurry details were first unearthed this morning, the Berlin-based company has officially announced that the new generation of Maschine will come with updated software (version 1.8) that will allow for color-coded pads and will include new effects (this update will be available for all existing Maschine users, as well). The new edition of the hardware/software hybrid will also include a full version of NI's Massive soft-synth and a larger 6GB library of sounds and samples.

Furthermore, the Maschine family has gone through some cosmetic changes to get to its new form, boasting re-designed LCD screens and a new choice between a white or black chassis, with the additional option to customize the unit with colored kits at an extra cost. For the full details on everything that the new generation of Maschine has in store, head here, and to see the units in action, you can check a—kind of ridiculous, to be honest—video of Jeremy Ellis utilizing a pair of Mashcines, below.