Novation Introduces Launchpad S

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Today, Novation announced the forthcoming release of its Launchpad S, an updated version of the popular grid controller which is said to be "brighter, faster, and universal." While the Launchpad S does not appear to have undergone a major overhaul from the original design, it does add some new key features—including a much brighter LED set and faster refresh times. What is perhaps most important of all, though, is the news that the new Launchpad model will be class compliant, meaning that it can be used with any computer, all production softwares, and—best yet—the iPad. The new unit can also be powered simply by using the iPad USB camera kit, and specifically used in concert with Novation's free Launchpad app. The Launchpad S will be available later this month for the street price of $169. Before then, two videos showing off the new device can be found below; as usual, the requisite "cheesy demo music" warning does apply.