Pioneer DJM-2000

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The DJM-2000 (MSRP: $2999) sits atop Pioneer's DJ line, and with good reason: This beast is about as heavy duty as mixers come. The first thing you notice on its huge face is the sizable multi-touch, multi-function screen sitting just above the crossfader. This amazingly responsive and reliable screen can be used to trigger tracks in Traktor, function like a Kaoss Pad (to control oscillators, a re-sampler, and pitch/gate effects) in the mix, and give the user precise control over the balance of the sound over seven bands of EQ. It has eight channels of 24-bit/96 kHz audio on board, along with a rack of highly programmable and customizable beat and harmony effects. There's a lot of mixer here (more than 20 lbs. worth, in fact), and it's certainly not cheap. But if you're looking for a high-end mixer with every bell and whistle known to DJs—and especially if you’re already a user of Pioneer's CDJs—you won’t be disappointed.