Propellerhead Announces Reason 6, Reason Essentials, and Balance Audio Interface

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The Swedish software masterminds over at Propellerhead have officially announced the release of Reason 6, an updated and expanded version of its widely used software, as well as the release of a more compact and streamlined version of the program called Reason Essentials. Along with the standard components that have served Reason users throughout the years, the new version totes three brand-new devices: a combination compressor/distortion/filter/envelope-follower known as the "Pulveriser," a triple-filtered gate called the "Alligator," and a hybrid digital/analog modeling stereo delay called "The Echo." Reason 6 also furthers the program's evolution into a full DAW by incorporating all the features from Propellerhead's Record software, allowing users to fully record and edit audio for the first time in the Reason platform. The company has also announced plans to release Reason Essentials, a paired-down, more economical version of Reason that comes with a smaller but more focused assortment of instruments and features.

The Swedish company has also passed along the news that it will be making its first foray into the land of digital audio hardware with the Balance Audio Interface. Featuring two channels of input and output, the sleek interface is said to incorporate high-quality converters and pre-amps for both line and mic-level signals, and will seamlessly integrate with Propellerhead software, but is also compatible with other DAW platforms.

Both Reason 6 and Reason Essentials are currently in the "limited public beta testing" stage right now, with a full release for each program and the Balance Audio Interface slated for September 30. In the meantime, you'll find a video below to introduce you to Reason 6's new features in more detail.