Roland Introduces SH-101 Plug-Out Soft Synth

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Roland has introduced the SH-101 Plug-Out, a soft synth modeled after the company's legendary SH-101 hardware synthesizer which has been designed to work with its new Aira line, but can also be utilized as a standalone plug-in. Billed as a "complete reproduction of the iconic SH-101," Roland's new soft synth is said to utilize "Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology" allowing the soft synth to "faithfully recreate the very behavior of [the SH-101's] analog circuitry." The soft synth will also boast new reverb, chorus, delay, and crusher effects that were not included on the original SH-101 synthesizer.

The SH-101 Plug-Out has been specifically designed to work with Roland's System One "plug-out synth," one of four units which were revealed as part of the company's Aira line earlier this year. Furthermore, current System One users will be able to download the SH-101 Plug Out for free from Roland. The demo video below shows how the new soft synth can be used in conjunction with the Aira controller and as a standalone unit; the SH-101 Plug Out is expected to become available beginning July 25. (via Synthtopia)