This Week in Music Tech: Ableton Push Tutorials, Deckadance 2, Producing with xxxy, and Honoring Bob Moog

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Another seven days have come and gone, and with them, a handful of developments in the world of electronic production have surfaced. For today's This Week in Music Tech, we gather new Ableton Push video tutorials, news of FL Studio-related DJ software, a look into xxxy's production process, and the latest honor bestowed on legendary synth designer Bob Moog.

Following its recent set of Live 9 tutorials, Ableton has shared a new series of videos detailing use of its Push hardware controller. The six short videos highlight how to get started with the unit and demonstrate ways to play chords and melodies on, customize mixes and FX, and more on Push. The full series can be viewed above.

Imageline (a company best known as the developer behind Fruity Loops) has updated its DJ software and announced a beta release of Deckadance 2. Those digital DJs who can get past the deplorable music featured in the above demo, will notice that the newly reworked software has added some intriguingly customizable automation features, FX, and sample capabilities to the four-deck program. More details on the updated software and information about its public beta release can be found here.

On Wednesday, London's FACT TV launched a new series which challenges producers to make a track in just 10 minutes. The series' inagural episode of Against the Clock features UK artist xxxy, whose entire 10-minute beat-building process can be watched above.

Lastly, in a bit of long overdue news, pioneering synth designer Robert Moog—the man responsible for creating the legendary Moog line of electronic instruments—was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame this week, honoring his 1964 patent which introudced the first complete voltage-controlled modular synthesizer. Deemed the "Electronic High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters Employing the Base to Emitter Diode Ristor for Bi-Polar Transistors," the design on the patent would serve as the blueprint for Moog's first modular synthesizers and ultimately launch the late American engineer's formative career as a leader in music technology and innovation.