Watch Deadboy's Guide to Making "Hit Records"

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Despite issuing his XLR8R Pick'd Blaquewerk EP, catching up with us in a Chatterbox feature, and launching his Total Fantasy label this year, London dancefloor hybridist Deadboy hasn't exactly been prolific in 2013. But maybe that's not such a bad thing, as it has given him enough time to put together this essential tutorial on "how to make hit records in, like, five minutes." Clad in little more than a robe and sunglasses, Deadboy breaks down the basic keys to producing a winning tune in this four-minute video—tips which include the utilization of both kinds of snare drums and looping the pitched-down vocal hook "a bunch of times" because "everyone is gonna be drugs [and] they don't remember the last time [they heard it]." The video might be useful primarily for producers who are just getting started (Deadboy explains how to go about getting a computer from "your Mem Mem and your Pep Pep"), but it wouldn't be surprising if even the most seasoned of artists are able to walk away from this step-by-step guide of "how to make your beats funky and relevant" with some fresh insight into the world of hit-making. (via FACT)