Watch Luke Abbott Build a Track in the Studio

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With UK producer Luke Abbott's sophomore LP, Wysing Forest, set to see a release via James Holden's Border Community label next week, a new video has surfaced in which the modular synth specialist takes on the challenge of putting together a track in just 10 minutes.

Appearing as part of FACT TV's ongoing Against the Clock video series—which has featured the likes of Addison Groove, Ikonika, and Tom Demac in the past—Abbott relies on his skills as a modular expert throughout the clip, connecting cables and twisting an array of knobs to swiftly craft a piece of synth-flushed techno. At the end of the 10-minute challenge, Abbott then talks us through the gear utizlied during the course of the track, giving extra insight into the man's production process. Luke Abbott's full Against the Clock session for FACT TV can be watched below.