Get Familiar

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Get Familiar: DJ Seinfeld

One of lo-fi house's leading names discusses inspirations, his debut album, and the position of the genre.


Get Familiar: Photay

One of New York's rising talents talks inspirations and processes behind his latest LP.

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Get Familiar: Machine Woman

Anastasia Vtorova talks about her route into electronics, her noise background, and soaking up influences from everywhere.


Get Familiar: Niko Marks

We hear the story of Niko Marks, whose 44th studio album, 'Day of Knowing,' was released on February 10 on Carl Craig's Planet E Communications.


Get Familiar: Lowtec

Almost two decades after his debut release as Lowtec, XLR8R meets the German electronic tastemaker.

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Get Familiar: Ataxia

XLR8R sits down with the Detroit–New York duo's Ted Krisko to talk about the combo's history, its evolution, and the Motor City's role in the pair's musical ethos.


Get Familiar: S-Max

We checked in with a master of electronic funk, to try to unpack the story behind his distinctive style.


Get Familiar: Rote

Daniel Avery and Volte-Face give us the low-down on their mysterious new collaborative project.


Get Familiar: Prayer

The cryptic Grade 10 artist releases an EP informed by his classical-music studies.


Get Familiar: Patlac

The Hamburg DJ, producer, and remix specialist comes into his own with a series of emotive releases.

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Get Familiar: Lauer

His second solo album in the shops, the German producer gets his moment in the sun.