M/M "Léger"*1080p *

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Brooklyn producer Michael McGregor has set aside his usual Meadowlands moniker in exchange for a chance to craft—in his words—"heavily filtered and fucked ambient techno" under the title M/M—resulting in the 1080p label's second release, Midtown Direct (artwork above). Following the tape-only imprint's recent debut offering, a casette's worth of new solo productions by ex-LOL Boys member Heartbeat(s), McGregor shifts the fledgling label's focus to more abstract territory, burying programmed drums beneath flaky textures and wobbling FX on songs like the one featured here, "Léger." M/M's four-track tape is out now, and a video for another of McGregor's "filtered-and-fucked" compositions, "8 (Dub)," can be viewed after the jump.