Luciano "Sun, Day and Night"

Some of Luciano's fans have been less than pleased with his upcoming album, Tribute to the Sun, but quite honestly, the haters have cloth in their ears. The record is a gorgeous, well-crafted artist statement, and while much of it might not have overt dancefloor efficacy, whining about it doesn't do Tribute to the Sun justice. "Sun, Day and Night," for example, is a soft-focus, polyrhythmic ride, featuring the warm intonations of Tricky collaborator Martina Topley-Bird over synthetic bells, squelches, and vocal clips. Sure, the track is more apropos of a sunny day lolling about the park than a dank night slamming in the clubs, but when the sounds are so pleasing, who cares?

03 Sun, Day and Night

03 Sun, Day and Night

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