Jori Hulkkonen "I Am Dead (CFCF Remix)"

Here, rising star CFCF lends his slow-motion disco vibe to Finnish producer Jori Hulkkonen's dark synth-pop track. While bringing out the melancholy synth undertones of the original and adding a deep space-disco kick to the mix, CFCF allows the plaintive vocals of Jerry Valuri to come through in a manner recalling Alphaville, or perhaps a more mature New Order. Though his version of "I Am Dead" is definitely not for the dancefloor, CFCF's remix is certain to be pumping out of countless earbuds in the months to come.

Jori Hulkkonen_I Am Dead (CFCF remix)

Jori Hulkkonen_I Am Dead (CFCF remix)

I Am Dead (CFCF Remix)

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