Casiokids "En Vill Hest (diskJokke Remix)"

If you didn't think the happy-go-lucky pop tunes from Norway's Casiokids could get anymore upbeat and danceable, this new remix from fellow countryman diskJokke (pictured above) just might change your mind. diskJokke's remix follows the treatment handed over from his Balearic-inspired cohort Prins Thomas, which we posted here. Not so surprisingly, lead singer Ketil Kinden Endresen's high-pitched vocal delivery fits the producer's buoyant disco stylings quite well, and remain a constant during the nine-minute jam's epic journey through rhythmic synth stabs, funky bass lines, and more percussion than most producers would know what to do with.

Casiokids' Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar is out tomorrow on Polyvinyl.

En Vill Hest (diskJokke Remix)

En Vill Hest (diskJokke Remix)

En Vill Hest (diskJokke Remix)

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