Shlohmo "Spoons (Shigeto Remix)"

Much like the cover for the record this track is taken from, Shlohmo's (pictured above) forthcoming Camping EP, Shigeto's remix is a colorful cut-and-paste affair. However, unlike the EP's artwork, its serrated edges are smoothed to a fine sheen and made to fit together like a seamless puzzle of intricate beat music. The fresh-faced Ghostly artist snagged the lo-fi bass-synth rumbles and warbled rhythmic noises from Shlomoshun Deluxe track "Spoons," and adorned those original sounds with his style of preciously crafted micro-sample beats and atmosphere. Aside from loving the song, it makes us even more excited to hear Shlohmo's latest originals alongside new remixes from LA beat kids Baths and Asura when the Camping EP is released on June 15.

06 Spoons (Shigeto Remix)

06 Spoons (Shigeto Remix)

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