Allez-Allez "Weird Science (Wesley Matsell Remix)"

London duo Allez-Allez are getting ready to release the Hideous Racket EP later this month, so they slid us this "Weird Science" remix as a little teaser. While the original version—the video for which stars the freakiest mannequins ever—is fueled by filtered guitar tones and pulsing keys over a slow-motion disco beat, Wesley Matsell takes things in an even spacier direction. One of the stable of melodically minded acts on James Holden's Border Community label, Matsell makes the melodies extra bright, leaning hard on some wonderfully warm, arpeggiating synths. It's a trippy journey we're more than happy to take.

08 Weird Science (Wesley Matsell Remix)

08 Weird Science (Wesley Matsell Remix)

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