Rx "Zappa Fill"

Philadelphia bass fiend, Nightshifters associate, and Subdivision crew member Rx just slipped us this exclusive track, so we wanted to share it with the masses as soon as possible because a) it's rad and b) the horn blasts remind us of the badass score from Inception. And while the song doesn't have any brain-melting dream-within-a-dream scenarios or zero-gravity combat involving the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun, it does have some nice plinky synths and shuffling, dubsteppy beats. Grab it now and if you're hungry for some more Rx-related tuneage, peep his Soundcloud and check out the new video for "Bronson," taken from the freshly released Kaleidoscope Island EP. The clip was put together by Greg Zifcak of Eats Tapes.

Zappa Fill

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