DrumAttic Twins "Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte 2010 Disco Edit)"

This ain't necessarily our usual steez, but we just couldn't resist the old-school Basement Jaxx sound Peo de Pitte has bestowed upon DrumAttic Twins' "Crazy Love" tune. Actually, this track is an edit of Pitte's original remix of "Crazy Love" (incidentally, we've never heard the original, nor can we locate it), bolstered by a few snippets from "Disco's Revenge" by Gusto and some cut-and-paste modifications from the remixer himself. What emerges on the other side is a stuttering, hyperactive club track we'd most likely rewind at our next subterranean massive—you just can't deny the power of that hook's descending melody.

Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte 2010 Disco Edit)

Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte 2010 Disco Edit)

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