The Chap "Even Your Friend (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)"

Hot on the heels of dropping its debut LP, 7AM, which we've got streaming here, Oberlin's Teengirl Fantasy (pictured above) deliver this unique take on a tune by London/Berlin outfit The Chap. The duo's version of "Even Your Friend" is strikingly different from the fidgety pop of the genre-jumping original—it's all thick pads, synth filters, drum-machine percussion, floating melodies, and blurred-out vocal samples. There are a few blips of a recognizable baritone utterance from The Chap's song in the beginning, but that's the extent of an obvious connection, save for the title. But what else would you really expect from Teengirl Fantasy? Those fellas have been building their small-but-solid discography out of re-orienting pop tunes into their own hazy house format.

Even Your Friend (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)

Even Your Friend (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)

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