Hissy Fit "Outdoor Life"

Scotland's Phuturelabs is really showing everyone how the whole blog-turned-label transition should be done. After kicking off their release schedule with a stellar single from the UK's Wira, the Glasgow-based hub is quickly coming back with another release, this time from Canadian producer Hissy Fit (a.k.a. Matthew Hiscock). His Crosstrainers EP will be available in October as a free download, but the Phuturelabs guys have sent along "Outdoor Life" as an appetizer. The song has a nice shuffling beat and a standard-issue farty bassline, but what really makes it shine is the Balearic guitar melody that comes in about halfway through. Somehow, Hissy Fit has managed to take the whole UK post-dubstep sound to the beach, and the results are sparkling.

Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life

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