DJG "Round"

San Francisco producer Dean Grenier (a.k.a. DJG) plopped this one in our inbox just the other day on behalf of a forthcoming double helping of tracks he'll be self-releasing come next week. The project is called Voids, and giving us a little background, Grenier says, "It's not an album, but I do feel the tracks belong together, and I decided they belong in two parts; Voids One is really for the ravers, the DJs. These songs represent a sound I pushed hard in the club over the last few years: dark, energetic, moody rave vibes. Voids Two is more personal, a bit lighter maybe, and closer to my heart." This track, "Round," comes from the latter release. It has a smooth shuffle to its bouncing beat, a thick, rolling bassline, and plenty of distant, reverberated sonics filling in the production's white space. "Round" could be described as a "lighter" kind of dubstep, but it still wouldn't be the least bit out of place blasting from a club's soundsystem. It certainly leads one to wonder how the other half of Voids will shape up in contrast. You can find out for yourself at DJG's website on September 15.



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