Joe Worricker "Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix)"

Did the boys of Studio make some kind of nefarious deal with the devil? Not to imply that these Swedes spend their free time worshiping Satan, but their music always sounds so damn good. It's like the perfect mix of new-wave pop, laid-back disco, and Balearic beach vibes—all of these things might be familiar tropes in 2010, but Studio have been turning out music like this for years now. And thankfully, they show no signs of altering their sonic formula. Take this remix of UK crooner Joe Worricker—the original "Bobby Blue" comes off like a low-rent Antony, but Studio's Dan Lissvik (operating under the more simple Lissvik moniker and pictured above) has transformed the song into a slightly dubby piece of tropical disco-pop heaven. Keep it coming, guys, and while you're at it, maybe release another album... please?

Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix)

Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix)

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