Subeena "Dual"

While many producers discover their knack for crafting inventive electronic music later in life, some people were just born to make it. Take London's Sabina Plamenova, a 25-year-old college student who has been producing bass-centric tunes since the age of 18. Even her given name is a prime foundation for the auspicious musicmaker's slightly tweaked moniker, Subeena. The talented lady has her own record label, too, called Opit, which just dropped her new "Neurotic" b/w "Wishful Talk" single, complete with remixes from Egyptrixx and Ghosts on Tape (preview all that here). Not on that release, "Dual" is an exclusive jam that highlights both the light and dark sides of Subeena's music. The driving track starts out with twinkling melodies and bubbling basslines, and leans heavy on those elegant sounds until ominous low-end churns, stomping percussion, and an all-around darker mood take over—only to give way to the pleasantries again before its four and a half minutes are up.




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