Hot City "Twist (Chopped Dub)"

Not long after the party-starting UK production duo Hot City dropped its "Another Girl" single in July comes the pair's follow-up, a double a-side 12" for their "Twist" and "Lonely Boy" tracks. Before that record drops on November 1, we've got a stellar dub of "Twist" available here for your downloading pleasure. This version of Hot City's tune is stripped of the original's hyped-up vocal performance by UK garage luminary MC DT, so the skittering beats of its first half are instead interspersed throughout the bouncing future-house tune—helping keep "Twist (Chopped Dub)" true to Hot City's "two cheer point" rule. (Yeah... Apparently, Hot City has a rule that each of its tracks must have no less than two points where the crowd is encouraged to stop dancing in order to let loose a cheer. Not entirely sure how we feel about that, but we can't deny the tunes are good. Sooo... party on, dudes.)

Twist (Chopped Dub)

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