Talk "Holy Mountain"

US producer Talk (a.k.a. Daniel Lewis) claims to either be from "darklands" or "rave cave," neither of which may lead you to his real-life Southern origins. Earlier this week, Talk released his first EP, Holy Mountain, on Jason Forrest's and Jubilee's Berlin-based Nightshifters label. Talk's purported origins in "darklands" may seem incongruous to the South's sunny weather, yet his music certainly has an ominous disposition. For instance, here on the EP's title track, eerie, flute-driven interludes give way to acerbic synths and the sunken drums of UK funky. Holy Mountain also features two other Talk originals alongside remixes from LOL Boys, Skinnz, and Distal. He's also made a video for his song "Burning Alive," which you can check out after the jump.

Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain

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