Daniel Steinberg "Calling Deep"

If this MP3 is any indication, then Daniel Steinberg's debut album, Shut Up, is all about having fun. "Calling Deep" opens with a percussive bang full of cowbell, shakers, chopped-up vocals, and a deep bassline. The Berlin-based producer then employs a calmly confident narrator throughout the track who attempts to make us feel at ease while Steinberg skillfully chops and filters funky guitars and Latin piano until he's ready to drop us back into the deep house groove. Although this is Steinberg's first album as an artist, he's actually been producing tracks for the better part of the last 15 years, emerging out of the minimal, stripped-down heyday of Berlin's scene with his own unique style of Latin- and world-influenced house. And of course, always with a deep bassline. Shut Up is out today and can be purchased here.

Calling Deep