FUR "Clears Throat (Solar Bears Remix)"

As the post-rock legends in Mogwai continue to riddle their once pristine discography with album after album of bombastic mediocrity, a vacant slot has opened in the music world—one that begs to be filled by tasteful musicians as interested in subtlety and nuance as they are grit and distortion. Certainly a prime candidate to fill such a void is the Irish duo Solar Bears (pictured above), and the more we hear from the instrumental outfit, the more they seem to lead the pack. This remix of "Clears Throat," a tune originally by Denton, Texas-based FUR, speaks more to the Bears' soft side, as they layer pattering rhythms, warbling synth ambiance, moody bass tones, and preciously plucked guitar notes to craft a touching soundscape that'll likely entrance you while it tugs ever so softly at your heartstrings.

Clears Throat (Solar Bears Remix)

Clears Throat (Solar Bears Remix)

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