Ground Is Lava "Creeper Shit"

California's Wedidit Collective is a sort of rag-tag team of beat-scene kids, including the likes of Shlohmo, Jonwayne, and the producer behind this MP3 download, Ground Is Lava. The southern California-based producer has a new LP coming in April from the Friends of Friends imprint and has released a free EP, Book of Tech (artwok above), to whet our appetites in the meantime. "Creeper Shit," the second track from said EP, is a laid-back stroll in an 8-bit world full of ascending and descending arpeggios, fuzzy bass, and floating Nintendo chords. Although the video game tones may not seem like the most emotive of sonic choices, the track still has a serious vibe with its triumphant chord progression and marching drum pattern, making it sound like the soundtrack to some lost prequel for PaRappa the Rapper, where he's broke and struggling but still in it for the love of the music. To get the full Book of Tech EP for free head over to the the Wedidit site.

Creeper Shit