Slava "Dreaming Tiger (live version)"

Brooklyn producer Slava (pictured above) put out a record last month on Washington, DC-based Future Times with the songs "Dreaming Tiger" and "World of Spirits," titles indicative of the halcyon soundscapes and sonic spiritual journeys Slava likes create. Recorded during a recent live performance of Slava's, this version of "Dreaming Tiger" adds a significant amount of color to the original's more subtle melodies, launching the track into an even more defined celestial space than the release version. Thankfully, the drums still sound as ancient as the original and the bass swells with analog delight despite an unfortunate bit-rate for the kbps-specific DJ community. If this doesn't inspire you to upgrade to 320, check out the video accompaniment to Slava's performance of "Dreaming Tiger" made by VJ Galina Shevchenco.

dreaming tiger (live version)

Dreaming Tiger (Live Version)

Dreaming Tiger (Live Version)

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