Rusko "Feel So Real (Dubbel Dutch Remix)"

Originally slated for a planned EP/single/what-have-you from Mad Decent's premiere 'clubstep' patron Rusko that was ultimately scrapped, this version of "Feel So Real" by Austin, TX-based DJ/producer Dubbel Dutch (pictured above) certainly inspires a couple of questions upon first listen. Namely, is this really a Rusko remix? Sure, snippets of the canned vocal performance by Ben Westbeech weave in, out, and around the spacious bass composition crafted by the Texan tunesmith, but, thankfully, it seems like not a single other sound is related to the original track. Dubbel Dutch treats the acappella of Rusko's song like he would any other found vocal sample, chopping and tweaking it to perfectly fit the shuffling dance beats and deep soundscapes he's so keen to create. So, maybe since this solid, UK-leaning club tune didn't quite make it on an official remix release, we'll just thank Mr. Westbeech for the voice work, slap Dubbel Dutch's name in the "Artist" field, and be on our merry way.

Feel So Real (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Feel So Real (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Feel So Real (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

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