Star Slinger "Hot Potato"

Apparently, UK beatmaker Star Slinger considers himself quite handy with a sampler, as the title of his recently shared, free EP Rogue Cho Pa indicates, and we'd be inclined to agree. This fiery cut from that fresh online offering certainly speaks volumes to the producer's claim. "Hot Potato" holds fast to the classic blueprint of soul music chopped up and reformatted for use in hip-hop instrumentals, and since there aren't any live vocals on Star Slinger's tune, he uses the space to let loose with a barrage of well-played tricks. While vocal snippets, clipped guitar strums, subtle string arrangements, and gutturally funky bass plucks make up the meat of the song, it's the way those sounds deftly interplay with the red-hot beat and spacey synth sounds that set "Hot Potato" apart from the other five cuts on the Rogue Cho Pa EP. You can grab the whole thing here, and if that's not enough sample magic for you, check out a collaborative joint Star Slinger did with Texas-based producer Teams for a forthcoming Mexican Summer release, here. (via Altered Zones)

Hot Potato

Hot Potato

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