Time Wharp "mandelbrotset"

When we think about the burgeoning tape culture that's been really picking up steam as of late, slow-brewing bass music is certainly not the first sound that comes to mind (nor the second, third, or fourth for that matter), and yet here we are. From a forthcoming full-length album by Atlanta's Time Wharp (a.k.a. Patrick Loggins) for the Wonder Beard Tapes label, "mandelbrotset" is a post-dubsteppy slice of click-clack rhythms, swelling synth melodies, and ghostly vocal manipulations served up with a heavy wash of lo-bit fuzz. Loggins' track is patient and even-handed, taking its time to build in strength before it eventually unravels during the relatively understated climax, but is nonetheless full of enticing sounds and fresh takes on the handful ill-defined genres it could easily be connected to. It's also vaguely reminiscent of the music from the boss level of a Nintendo game you played in 1989, as are Time Wharp's other tunes, which you can download through his Bandcamp profile for free. (via Altered Zones)




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