Magic Pink "New Black Spring"

The Pacific Northwest seems to be ripe with a new crop of solo electronic producers lately. Take Portland's Tara Swenson, who makes music under the name Magic Pink, for example. She has a collection of free songs, entitled //TapeMix\\ (artwork above), that is freshly available on her Bandcamp, on which you'll find "New Black Spring." For this particular cut, Swenson shows a slightly aggressive edge to her lo-fi/ambient/electro, bedroom-born productions. A pounding kick-snare and distorted acid synth drive the track from the onset, ushering us into Magic Pink's murky, solemn world. In the background we hear layers of vocals that sit beneath the noisy, chaotic mess, which continues to fill with more heavy-hitting programmed drums and over-driven electronics, existing somewhere between witch house-esque beats and ethereal dream-pop. //TapeMix\\ is Swenson's first excursion under the Magic Pink moniker, and a promising one at that.

New Black Spring

New Black Spring

New Black Spring

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