Com Truise "Slow Peels"

If you're at all like us (you are reading this, so you're probably at least somewhat like us), you're a bit tired of the bands/producers/etc. tweaking the names of famous people for use as musical monikers—Joy Orbison, Ill Gates, Dananananaykroyd, and Wevie Stonder immediately come to mind. Easily the most unlikable of the bunch is the awkwardly re-imagined name Com Truise, a bedroom producer hailing from Princeton, New Jersey born Seth Haley and who recently signed to the lovely Ghostly label. This little slice of homegrown synth-pop, called "Slow Peels," is featured on a remastered version of Haley's Cyanide Sisters EP (pictured above), originally released by AMDISCS and soon to be reissued by his new label on January 25. The song is fuzzy and not exactly of the highest fidelity to be sure, but the many different analog synth sounds and super-compressed drum beats wouldn't really sound right any other way. Obviously, Com Truise knows his way around a melodic soundscape and a pop-friendly groove, so despite the laughable name, we'll be keeping a keen eye on whatever emanates from his home studio next.

Slow Peels

Slow Peels

Slow Peels

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