Benoit Pioulard & Rafael Anton Irisarri "Until Then (Broadcast Cover)"

One of the eerier numbers by the recently tragedy-stricken Broadcast band (pictured above), "Until Then," is covered here by ambient artists Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri in remembrance of singer Trish Keenan, who died last week. The haunting song is given a whole new meaning in reflection of the recent events: lyrics like "There's a place I have never explored/Another world we have yet to conquer" feel even heavier delivered by Pioulard's low-register voice. And while the simple piano and guitar notes are struck, a thick wave of white noise and bass rumbles builds slowly from beneath the music until it overtakes the gorgeously sullen composition. Irisarri's and Pioulard's song is an ideal tribute to the memory of Keenan and to the legacy of beautiful, innovative music she left behind.

Until Then (Broadcast Cover)

Until Then (Broadcast Cover)

Until Then (Broadcast Cover)

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