Salva "Wake Ups"

Much like the folks across the pond who have been championing his forward-thinking beat-funk as of late (a list that includes Girl Unit, Hudson Mohawke, and the LuckyMe crew), San Francisco-based producer and Frite Nite label head Salva toys with booming beats, synth-driven soul, and wonky grooves, all of it elevated by just a touch of that purple stuff. A fine example of those smooth soundscapes is this fresh leak from his forthcoming debut album for the Friends of Friends label, Complex Housing. "Wake Ups" jumps high into the atmosphere on an elastic boom-and-slap rhythm, but its the host of R&B-inspired synth melodies that keep it up there long enough to be carried away by angelic vocal samples and a bassline that sounds like it's bouncing from one smoky cloud to the next. Salva's Complex Housing drops on February 8. (via Altered Zones)

Wake Ups

Wake Ups

Wake Ups

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