Contakt "AuH20"

As a DJ in NY's illustrious TURRBOTAX® crew, Contakt is responsible for spreading the good word of next-level house, techno, and bass tunes. As a producer signed to the burgeoning Local Action label, the NYC-based artist is responsible for crafting those sounds himself, and he does so with apparent skill and aplomb. (And—in the interest of full disclosure—as an XLR8R employee, he helps keep our game tight in all manner of ways.) Contakt's first release, the Not Forgotten 12", dropped just yesterday, and now we have a track that didn't make it onto that slab of vinyl. Like the aforementioned single, "AuH20" kicks off with stomping beats and deep pads that collectively evoke both the past, present, and future of dance music, with a heavier slant on the latter of those eras. Contakt continues to mix in large helpings of squelchy low-end melodies, catchy synth hooks, and ricocheting percussion through the song's four minutes, not once losing sight of the two elements that form its foundation. (via Dummy)




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