Polock "Fireworks (Eim Ick Remix)"

While the original version of "Fireworks" by Spanish pop quintet Polock (pictured above) reminded us a bit of the restless and carefree hooks crafted by the likes of, say, Phoenix, this remix from Eim Ick sounds a bit more similar to what we'd expect from the band's native land, like, say, Delorean. The Danish producer turned the song into a poignant, tropical-tinged dance jam, albeit one void of vocal hooks, guitars, or any other such indie-pop sounds. Instead, Eim Ick relied on straightforward basslines and simple drum patterns to drive his track, and around that core, the producer lets twinkling audio fragments waft about in the atmosphere—giving "Fireworks" a far more panoramic view than it originally had.

Fireworks (Eim Ick Remix)

Fireworks (Eim Ick Remix)

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