Mandelbrot & Skyy "TT Races"

It seems that ever since the spacey, drugged-out synth compositions of Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds, and the like started garnering a bit more press and acclaim online, the internet has been increasingly inundated with everyone's own version of the amorphous genre. The latest we've come across is Mandelbrot & Skyy, a sort of side-project from electronic artists Daren Ho and Jeff Witscher who are actually no amateurs to this sound (they're responsible for the Driphouse and Rene Hell projects, respectively). With their powers combined, we get something a bit more visceral, even tactile, from the reinvigorated realm of ambient music in which the guys operate. Taken from the duo's forthcoming OD-Axis LP (pictured above), "TT Races" is a taste of those sounds, a song that jumps immediately into full view, but is never content to set still. While the usual array of bubbling analog tones set a frothy backdrop, Mandelbrot & Skyy unleashes a sporadic, lurching kick drum and a restless, man-made noise that twists and turns throughout the composition, sounding almost more human than machine at times. It's certainly enough to make us pleased that the Kosmiche trend continues to take off, and to spark our curiosity as to what the rest of OD-Axis will offer when it drops in the near future. (via Altered Zones)

TT Races

TT Races

TT Races

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