Protect-U "World Music (Dub)"

The title "World Music (Dub)" can bring with it some rather groan-inducing connotations, but don't be scared away, as this track from DC duo Protect-U is not some lame world-fusion track. Did you really think we'd do that to you? With its slow-moving, methodical beat and hazy, bubbling synths, it seems the only world this song might call home is one that exists inside a decades-old arcade game that can only be played at half speed. In contrast to the more noise-oriented ambient outings that seem to be popping up everywhere, "World Music (Dub)" explores the more melodic possibilities of instrumental synth music, building the track around one main melody that sluggishly moves as far-off sounds blast and gurgle in the background. The much more uptempo a-side to the dub can be found on Protect-U's recently released 'World Music" 12" (artwork above) along with the track "U-Uno," a song for which director Aurora Halal has crafted an enchantingly psychedelic video. Check it out after the jump.