National Park System "Silver Miner"

A seeming newcomer to the San Francisco electronic music landscape, National Park System is Bay Area resident Nicholas Yu, a producer of interstellar atmospheres, moody beatscapes, and the occasional leftfield pop hook. On his latest short-format release, A Visitor's Guide (pictured above), Yu offers four songs that highlight each of his stylistic strong points—sometimes all at once. "Silver Miner" melds together heavy industrial rhythms with brooding synth washes, audio snippets from otherworldly source material, and a hint of psychedelia. National Park System's music explores an eclectic range of styles that interplay quite effortlessly, setting him apart from most of the other production work coming out of San Francisco lately. You can hear the rest of National Park System's A Visitor's Guide before it's released in June, here.

Silver Miner

Silver Miner

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