Asura "Wink Wink"

Ryan York, the man behind the Non Projects-signed Asura moniker, recently shared a free collection of tracks he dubbed Unreleaseables (pictured above), as the tunes are made up of "a bunch of music [he's] never going to put out due to legal/artistic/motivation issues" (download it all for free here). Many of York's nine tracks sport an unusually heavy influence from juke/footwork music, including the hyperactive joint "Wink Wink." While 808 drum patterns establish the song's hot-footed tempo, loads of vocal snippets add both melodic and atonal layers to the jam, and the occasional percussion loop works out a head-twisting polyrhythm. It's a minimalistic whirlwind of a track, especially for a melodically focused artist such as Asura, but it's nonetheless enjoyable. So, we'll cherish it for now, since apparently, York says we "won't be hearing much else like this in the future... from these quarters."

Wink Wink

Wink Wink

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