Powell "Atomic Tricks"

Many producers at work in the Ableton-centric realm of electronic music tend to favor 'soundcraft' over 'songcraft', which is all well and good, but a balance of the two certainly works in everyone's favor. Parisian tunesmith Powell certainly leans heavily towards the art of sound design, but thankfully has a toe or two dipped into the pond of catchy hooks. His brand of funky, electro-tinged bass music is rife with rubbery synth tones, swarms of neon space noise, and gut-punching beats, and, as heard on "Atomic Tricks," Powell will every so often wrangle those sounds from their disparate locations in the mix to work out an invigorating dance groove. Those moments are few and far between, not to mention short-lived, but damn if they're not worth the wait. You can nab the whole lot of them on Powell's seven-track Densui EP, here.

Atomic Tricks

Atomic Tricks

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