High Powered Boys "Crash"

As the freshly minted Marble imprint continues to steamroll through 2011, the world was recently treated to its third release, a two-track single by Surkin and Bobmo (a.k.a. High Powered Boys). The club-lovin' production duo stuffed this 12" with the high-octane jams "Girly" and "Crash," and was also kind-hearted enough to let you have that b-side free of charge. This big tune comes on strong from the get-go with hyped-up vocal samples, bubbling sound effects, and spacey synth melodies, and wastes no time taking things to the next level. A stuttered, punchy beat and a head-rattling bassline announce the drop, but we soon find that Surkin and Bobmo have only just begun. You can get more info and listen to the flip side of High Powered Boys' new single here.




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