Drifter "Please Stay"

23-year-old Helsinki producer Drifter isn't exactly a newbie when it comes to crafting his style of slow, gloomy beat music, but his first-ever EP under that moniker won't be available until next week. This lovely tune comes from that self-titled debut, and exhibits the artist's penchant for wavering melodies, micro-sampled rhythmic patterns, and deeply soulful vocal samples, all of which are left with lots of breathing room to operate. We know those aren't exactly 'original' ideas, but the way Drifter applies them on "Please Stay" sounds both familiar and fresh—like Mount Kimbie and Shlohmo covering an old Portishead tune. You can grab the rest of the Drifter EP (pictured above) for free when it drops May 30 on Bandcamp.

Please Stay

Please Stay

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