Motorboater "Lessons"

We'll just come right out and say it: The number one reason this track is making its way into XLR8R's download section is that it reminds a hell of a lot of our favorite album from last year, Delorean's gorgeous Subiza. The summery "Lessons," by Kansas City-based artist Motorboater, boasts nearly all of the Balearic-inspired trademarks that made the aforementioned record so lovable. Pattering percussion loops and thumping dance rhythms kick the whole thing into gear, sun-bleached synth chords and treated guitar riffs immediately tug at your heartstrings, and tweaked vocal samples float in and out of earshot over the top of Daniel Eaton's quietly plaintive vocal hooks. It's all quite nostalgic, yes, but not without its own subtle charms. We'll see how rest of Motorboater's new album compares when Sport drops later this month.



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