Solvent "Curtains"

Now, here's something particularly interesting that just dropped into our inbox: Canadian hardware obsessive and synth-pop veteran Solvent has a brand-new EP ready to drop on September 6 via his recently resurrected Suction label, which he made using one very special piece of gear. Producer Jason Amm took it upon himself to craft the aptly titled RDJCS5 EP solely from the sounds of a Yamaha CS5 monosynth that was once owned by Richard D. James and actually has the liner notes from the monumental Selected Ambient Works Vol. II album etched into its bottom. "Curtains" is one of those four tracks (five if you buy the vinyl edition), and is possibly the most lighthearted of the bunch; it's immediately obvious that Solvent feels right at home writing music with even just a single piece of vintage analog hardware. If you want to learn more about the process that went into making the RDJCS5 EP, check out this in depth piece on Modyfier, here.



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