Monolithium "Simon & G-Funk"

Borderline ridiculous track name aside, this title cut (yes, he named his EP that too) from Victoria, BC resident Monolithium is an impressive feat of adventurous beat work. Hailing from his debut EP (artwork above), "Simon & G-Funk"—in all fairness—does embody a fair amount of G-funk characteristics, particularly in the track's futuristic chords and gliding melodies. But there's also a layer to the tune that takes a more somber, contemplative tone, utilizing dusty chords and melodic thumb piano placed around a set of chopped vocals to evoke a sense of distant yearning. These elements may seem at odds to some, but the unsual combination has proven to be the strength in Monolithium's technique. After downloading the song below, you can head here to take a listen to the rest of the Simon & G-Funk EP.

Simon & G-Funk

Simon & G-Funk

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