Eliot Lipp "I W?nted 2 Be ? Rock & Roll St?r"

NYC beatmaker Eliot Lipp is currently working a new album, his first solo material since 2009's Peace Love Weed 3D, and while the details on his new sonic forays are still under wraps, we do have this freshly crafted production, "I W?nted 2 Be ? Rock & Roll St?r." On the tune, Lipp takes a soulful vocal sample, splashes horns and guitar riffs about, and drops a heavy boom-bap behind it all for a full-sounding hip-hop excursion. Unlike much of his work, which can sometimes take months to produce, Lipp finished this track in just one sitting after getting hit with inspiration while listening to the sample's source material.

I W?nted 2 Be ? Rock & Roll St?r


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