CFCF "Exercise #3 (Building)"

Taking a brief break from his usual disco-inclined production, Canadian producer CFCF has put together a mini-LP of sorts, one that's surprisingly made up entirely of sprawling, piano-based compositions inspired by the hybrid pieces of Phillip Glass, Ryuchi Sakamoto, and other such artists. The eight-song effort, Excercises (artwork above), is said to show a much more introspective side to CFCF than we're used to seeing, but if "Exercise #3 (Building)" is any indication, the songs will likely yield some rather enjoyable results. The full mini-album is still a ways out from dropping, as its release date is April 24, so, for now, we'll just have to savor this gorgeous slice of vast, spacious electronics in all its melodious, meandering glory. You can check the full tracklist for Exercises after the jump.

01 Exercise #1 (Entry)
02 Exercise #2 (School)
03 Exercise #3 (Building)
04 Exercise #4 (Spirit)
05 Exercise #5 (September)
06 Exercise #6 (December)
07 Exercise #7 (Loss)
08 Exercise #8 (Change)

Exercise #3 (Building)

Exercise3 (Building)